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Congratulations on taking a decision to be a scholar. With your plan of taking up Doctoral level education, you have taken the penultimate step of becoming a true scholar, who could make the academic world a better place by research.

Unlike Bachelor’s or Master’s level education, the Doctoral level requires a lot of thinking, planning, researching and interacting with the academic elite within your chosen department of your proposed universities, applying, following up and preparing for your actual research. All this is time consuming, laborious and most of all, involves intensive preparation. Go through the below points to know what is required to be done by applicants for the PhD program (any field).

  • Determine your research interests
  • Identify universities that offer Doctoral level programs in the field of interest in which you wish to pursue research
  • Check with the department concerned within the university to determine if any active research is being one at the moment
  • Shortlist Professors who are doing research in your area of interest
  • Contact Professors to determine if they would like to provide the opportunity for further research in the subject/area of interest
  • Submit an abstract of his research interest to professors in different universities
  • Interact on a regular basis till the professors make a decision on whether to ‘guide’ you or not
  • After professors’ approval, has to apply to the Graduate School and respective departments of the universities
  • Universities will then make a decision on his application after seeking approval from the professor and department concerned
  • Determine whether you have to take the
  • admission test such as GRE
  • language proficiency test such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE

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How will you handle all the above, with all your academic/professional commitments? Manhattan Review will handle most of the above tasks on your behalf, so you could complete the whole process successfully.

Our expert counselors, managers and admissions team members will assist you with every stage of the process, by providing information, guidelines, formats, samples and assistance all throughout.

Our expert teams will do everything above and make sure that YOU WILL SUCCEED in getting an admission.

We also offer customized services to suit your need. For more details, talk to one of our counselors


  • Asha, GMAT

    I gave GMAT twice before joining Manhattan Review. Though I practiced hundreds of practice questions from various sources I was not able to understand why I was not finding improvement in my score. My trainer, Mr. Nishin, worked with me even after my class timings to identify my areas of improvement. This is where I felt it is not just the strategies but we need someone to guide us through out and work with us closely to get that target score. Thank you Nishin for all your support. I scored 720 on my GMAT and this is definitely not possible without you.

  • Ashish, GRE

    Thank You so much!!! This is Ashish. I scored 169 in verbal and 169 in quant. The sessions are great!!.The best part of online training that I loved…could schedule a doubt clarification session within an hour during normal business hours. It was like on demand training. Loved it.

  • Ritu Sharma, SAT

    The SAT course was very helpful, I don’t think I would’ve improved my reading skills without it. This course also gave me strategies to break down a reading. I got a good feel for the Sat and had practice in areas I struggled in. Thank you for all the support. I scored 1520 Q- 780 and V – 740.

  • Naren Varahagiri, ACT

    I scored 34 in ACT test. I had a very pleasant experience right from my first day. I was initially confused whether to take SAT or ACT. So, the counsellors arranged one on one session with a training expert to check my strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Then, I was advised to take ACT after they have evaluated my performance in the test conducted by the expert. I think the advice paved a clear path to my success. I really appreciate their experience in assessing students like me.

  • Surya Varma, IELTS

    It’s a real pleasure to be a part of you guys during my preparation for IELTS. I a m Surya and this is my 3 rd attempt and in all my previous attempts, though i scored 7.5 in Listening and Reading and 7.0 band in Speaking, my writing score was only around 5.0 band. The student practice portal and exclusive grammar classes have helped me a lot to get 7.0 band in writing too. Our class trainer was so patient. she took so much of additional time to review almost more than 20 essays.

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