BS Admissions Process

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Free Counseling

Personalized counseling with thorough inputs on the program you are interested, admission requirements, application procedures, timelines, our services and other information specific to your need and requirement.

Program Selection

Choosing the right program to study makes all the difference between your success and failure in the academic world and even in the work place. Manhattan Review will help you with information on all the program options available and prepare you decide on the right program with bright prospects.

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University Selection

Do you want to be a face in the crowd or ‘stand out’ among all? If you want to be different, study in universities that have good funding, excellent academics, highly popular professors, excellent placement record, on-campus recruitments and a reputation that precedes them. Joining any university is done by most, but getting admitted into the “most suitable” university for you, makes all the difference. Manhattan Review makes a world of difference to you.

Editing Services

There are so many application documents that needs proper content, refining and preparation. Applications to each university requires material like a Statement of Purpose or essays, Letters of Recommendation, Resume, a Cover letter, Affidavits, Bank Statements and so on… Phew! For each of these documents, we will assist you with guidelines, formats and samples to make them effective and suitable for application.

Application Submission

With most universities moving on to online processing system, filling and submitting online applications has never become so tough and complicated. Multiple pages, loads of information, unknown jargon and payment of application fees – so on and so forth. A few mistakes and the application may be rejected! After spending so much of time and money on your applications, do you want that to happen? Never! Our Application filing is handled by experts who have been putting-in thousands of hours in this activity for each semester, year after year.

Applications Processing & Follow-up

Proper follow-up with universities will be difficult for you, as you will be busy with your academics and further education planning. Any delay or negligence in following up will lead to rejection of application or a deferral to the next semester. This will spoil your whole plans and waste your time, money and energy. Our dedicated team works on following up with universities on a regular basis, till admission decisions are made. Any shortfalls or additional requirements will be handled quickly and efficiently by Manhattan Review, without affecting your precious time and resources.

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Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation from one of our admission experts!

Visa Guidance

What next, after admission in one of the universities. What if your documentation and visa preparation is not up to the mark? What will happen if you don’t perform well at the visa interview? All your efforts will go waste! If you do not fill up the Visa application form will you not lose time and money? At Manhattan Review, we have trained experts to carefully evaluate your requirements and suggest documentation that is required for presentation to the consular staff at the time of interview. Our tips and tricks to help you vault over the visa interview hurdle will surely help you reach the country of your choice.

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